5 Fun And Profitable Home Business Ideas For Creative Individuals

Every day I get an email from one of my subscribers asking me about profitable home business ideas. They’re either bored with their current job, unsure about what they want to do with their time, or they’re looking for some way to supplement their income. They’ve read articles that tell them to find a niche and make a killing doing it. They come away feeling that their mind is ready to cash in big time. What they don’t realize is that in order to make money online, they need to do something different than what they’ve done before. They need to think outside of the box.

So, if you’re tired of your job and looking for ways to supplement your income, here’s one of my most profitable home business ideas: teach online. You’re in the right spot. There are lots of students who struggle to pay the bills when there is so much free time on their hands. But before you choose which profitable home business opportunity to follow, you must pause for a moment and question: Are you a creator, a writer, or an engineer?

If you’re a creator, then the best part about this profitable home business idea is that it can teach music lessons online. Most people who have tried to teach music lessons in school and in private music studios found out very quickly that the art is not as easy as the classes made it seem. Sure, the kids learn how to play an instrument or sing, but they also learn to have the skills of an actual teacher. This is what makes teaching music lessons in schools so hard.

A good example of one of my profitable home business ideas is being a freelance video editor. Freelance editing involves screening, fixing, and organizing footage that has been shot and placed into a video. For example, if you have images from a client’s website, then you might as well make a few minutes of that footage into a small movie and put that on YouTube. If you’re a freelance video editor, then your first clients will be the ones who use the video editor’s services, and you will get paid accordingly.

Another one of the top profitable home business ideas for creative people is selling handmade products. There are dozens of different products you can sell online. If you’re good at creating unique and interesting designs, then you’ll probably be able to sell handmade items. One of the top home-based business ideas is to sell handcrafted items such as clothing, jewelry, pottery, beads, and woodworking designs. Selling handmade products requires that you be good at business, designing, and taking care of customers. If you are skilled at all of these things, then you will have a successful business selling handmade products online.

The third idea on the list of profitable home business ideas for creative individuals is becoming a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant, or VA, does most of his or her work from a home office. He or she is paid by the hour and has the ability to work with clients on various projects from research to transcription. There are many virtual assistants who are freelancers, others who work for companies as freelance marketers, and others who work for large agencies such as Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft. Most businesses who hire a virtual assistant find that they save money because of all the outsourcing and contract negotiations that would have to take place otherwise.

Finally, the fourth idea on the list of profitable home business ideas for creative individuals is freelance writing business. If you are highly skilled in writing but don’t want to spend the time and effort required to become a full-time published writer, then a freelance writing business is an ideal way for you to earn some additional income. You can choose to work with an online agency or market your own writing services through websites and other methods of communication.

These five home business ideas are all easy to start up and allow you to get started right away. Freelance writing, teaching online, being a virtual assistant, and operating a service-based business are all ways to make money from home if you have the desire. Many people wait until they hit a certain level in their careers before getting involved in these types of ventures. For the most part, if you have the desire and motivation, you can succeed with any of these ideas. They just require a bit of work to get started and a lot of perseverance to succeed in each one.